NRMA and SES partner with Council to trial Flood Monitoring and Alert Technology in Wollondilly

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NRMA and SES partner with Council to trial Flood Monitoring and Alert Technology in Wollondilly

Posted on: 08.03.2017

Wollondilly Shire Council is pleased to announce that we are participating in a 12-month trial of new Australian-made and designed flood monitoring and alert technology. In partnership with NRMA Insurance and NSW SES this technology can potentially lead to an improved understanding of flood trends in the Wollondilly and can assist in early flood detection and warning.

Called ‘DipStik’, the technology aims to help keep the community safe and reduce the risks associated with flash flooding. It works by monitoring water levels so that when a storm hits, it will alert the local Council and NSW SES units and the community. DipStik will automatically send warning messages so that both the SES and Council can take the appropriate safety measures for the flood affected area and activates flashing beacons to warn the community when water rises.

Acting Mayor for Wollondilly, Cr Robert Khan said, “With floods estimated to cost Australian communities over $400 million each year, smart monitoring systems like DipStik that provide early warning of floods can play a vital role for Council in helping our towns and villages plan for and manage flood events”

The trial is part of NRMA Insurance and NSW SES’ commitment to help communities better understand, reduce and prevent risks associated with natural disasters. This includes risks taken by motorists who choose to drive through floodwater. DipStik will also warn oncoming motorists and the surrounding community of a flooded area or road using a high-powered flashing beacon.

Council’s General Manager, Luke Johnson said, “Statistics from NRMA’s research indicates that 25 percent of drivers admit to driving through floodwater even though the NSW SES advises that it is never safe to do so. Now with the early warning systems and high-powered beacon that DipStik provides we hope that it will lead to a better understanding of the significant and life-threatening dangers of driving through floodwaters and remind motorists that it is not safe to drive through water covered roads.”

The new DipStik technology has been installed along Douglas Park Drive at the Mitchell Place and Morton Park Road intersections as well as the Causeway. If you see the beacon flashing in these areas, please be mindful to adhere to the road closures in place and remember NEVER drive through floodwater.

Information on the DipStik trial can be found on NRMA’s website

For more information contact Council on 4677 1100