NSW State Government blatantly ignores Wollondilly, refusing to face residents on M9 plans

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NSW State Government blatantly ignores Wollondilly, refusing to face residents on M9 plans

Posted on: 23.05.2018

A Transport for NSW spokesperson contacted Wollondilly Shire Council yesterday to advise that the NSW Government will not be holding a community drop in session within the Wollondilly Shire to talk about the Outer Sydney Orbital.

This is despite the fact that in 2015, after a disappointing consultation process by Transport for NSW for the investigation study, the (former) Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Roads told Council that the Corridors team would "identify suitable locations within the Wollondilly local government area for future community consultation".

Out of the 13 sessions held across Western Sydney, none have been held in Wollondilly.

Council wants to send the NSW State Government a clear message that it cannot continue to steamroll significant policies and decisions which impact upon families, their homes and the environment without carrying out a meaningful proper consultation process and listening to people.

Wollondilly Mayor, Cr Judith Hannan noted, “The NSW State Government recently amended the Planning Act to impose greater rules and highlight the importance around consultation for councils to follow, but don’t apply this to themselves.”

Cr Hannan said that the decision not to consult the 400+ residents who live within 500 metres of the blue line in the Shire “was literally, a slap in the face for those people and complete disregard to people democratic rights to information”.

“I have people in my Shire who are really struggling to come to terms with the shock letter that just turned up one day, saying that they are going to lose their home. People next door to the blue line weren’t even originally told.”

Cr Hannan added, “The entire process from start to finish has demonstrated that the State Government is not interested in people, it is only interesting in putting lines on a map to serve more houses.”

Wollondilly Council considered a report on the M9 corridor at its meeting on Monday night and resolved to make a submission to the NSW Government by 1 June.

Cr Hannan said, “We can only hope that TfNSW will now do the right thing, listen to us, and hold back from making a decision until it undertakes a full and proper consultation process and puts a line on a map that minimises the impacts on the Shire’s residents.”

If anyone in the community has any questions about the corridor they are encouraged to contact the Government hotline on 1800 837 511.