Public Recycling Trial Kicks Off at Local Sportsgrounds

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Public Recycling Trial Kicks Off at Local Sportsgrounds

Posted on: 06.04.2018

As the winter sporting season launches this weekend, Wollondilly Council has partnered with two local sports clubs to kick off a trial of “public place recycling” at their venues.

The Wollondilly Redbacks Junior AFL at Wilton and Picton Rangers at Hume Oval, Picton have agreed to participate in the trial at their fields this season.

The clubs will focus on recycling suitable materials generated from the canteen and around the grounds such as cardboard, drink bottles and cans.

Mayor Judith Hannan said, “The two clubs will be a lighthouse for other clubs in the area and provide important information to Council about their experience implementing recycling with members and visitors at their venues.”  

“Diverting waste and resources from landfill is an important process for a sustainable future,” she said.

With funding from the Better Waste Recycling Grant, Council has supplied recycling bins to be stored at the venues with the assistance of JR Richards, who will pick up the recyclable materials.

The clubs and their teams will be responsible for taking out the bins on their scheduled nights, as well as educating canteen staff and users about what can go into them.

Manager Environmental Outcomes, Alex Stengl said, “Rubbish left in public spaces is an ongoing issue in our Shire, so a reduction in litter left around the grounds by members and visitors during and after games will also be a focus of the trial.”

“Litter blown into waterways and bushland from sporting venues can cause significant environmental impacts.”

All Wollondilly residents visiting the two sites during the sporting season are encouraged to support the efforts of these clubs by recycling and using waste bins to ensure no litter is left on the ground.

“The introduction of this trial recycling system will be a challenge for the committees to manage but they should be praised for their environmental commitment,” Ms Stengl said.  

If the trial is successful, Council may expand the program to other sporting clubs in the Wollondilly Shire next season.