Rainwater Tanks and Bushfires

Rainwater Tanks and Bushfires

Posted on: 13.01.2020

Council would like to advise people with rainwater tanks that have been affected by bushfires that rainwater may be contaminated by debris, dead birds or animals, fire retardants, or large amounts of ash.

The presence of ash and debris in rainwater is unlikely to be a health risk, but could affect the appearance and taste. Fire retardants currently used in Australia are of low toxicity, but may also affect the appearance and taste of rainwater.

If you are concerned that your rainwater tastes, looks or smells unusual, or you suspect your rainwater has been contaminated, you should consider using bottled water for drinking, preparing food or ice, cleaning teeth and given to animals until your tank can be cleaned and refilled.

Further information can be found on the NSW Health website https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/environment/water/Pages/rainwater-bushfires.aspx

Our Compliance staff are also available to provide advice to affected residents, please call Council on 4677 1100.