Residents can restore nature with some help from the Community Nursery

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Residents can restore nature with some help from the Community Nursery

Posted on: 07.02.2017

For those lucky enough to be living on a well-restored creek bank, there is little to do but relax and enjoy it. When properly planned and managed, creeks look after themselves and flourish. In good conditions they are much easier to maintain and provide valuable habitat for animals and are a wonderful recreation place for families and children to connect with nature.

With the harsh heat of the last few weeks, combined with the later than usual rainfall during winter your creek bed may be in need of a little TLC. The Wollondilly Community Nursery are in full production of appropriate species that can be used for your creek bank and are happy to help you with your restoration projects.

The Wollondilly Community Nursery specialise in native plants, many of which are suited to creek beds and attract native wildlife. They have a variety of bank stabilising plants that can naturally strengthen creek beds and reduce erosion during high rainfall. These natives are more resilient to our harsh conditions and require less maintenance.

Residents of Wollondilly are entitled to 5 free plants per quarter, with proof of residence within the Shire.

The Nursery is also looking for Volunteers that would like to get involved in Bushland Restoration. All new volunteers are fully trained in basic plant propagation, weed control and seed collecting.

If you would like to get involved Bushland Restoration contact Damion Stirling on 4677 1122. Or if you would like volunteer at the Community Nursery and be involved in the propagation of growing plants for these projects contact the Nursery on 4677 0462.

Wollondilly Community Nursery is on Wonga Road, Picton immediately adjacent to the Animal Shelter. Opening hours are Tuesday and Thursdays between 8am to 3.30pm.