Road repair program on the right track, says Independent Review

Road repair program on the right track, says Independent Review

Posted on: 17.12.2019

Council’s road renewal and upgrade program has been confirmed as the best strategy to improve Wollondilly’s road network by an independent review.

The review was requested by Council as part of the adoption of the 2019/20 Operational Plan, to evaluate the methodology used to prioritise and repair the Shire’s roads.

Council is on track to deliver its biggest ever capital works program in 2019/20, worth in excess of $23 million including $12.5 for the road renewal program.

Mayor Matthew Deeth said, “Our roads are getting fixed and its thanks to the fact Council has doubled the roads repair budget to $12.5M this year. Our strategy is working.”

The review confirmed that the best strategy is to protect undamaged pavements by resurfacing and focus full reconstruction on damaged roads.

The Mayor noted, “Our road renewal strategy is a balance of reconstruction and proactive maintenance.”

“The program underway means road surfaces remain water proofed, maintaining their condition and saving money in the long run, while also doing fully reconstruction on those roads that are in poor condition.”

“It addresses the challenge of maintaining the entire road network, for a long term approach to improving conditions for our road users,” he said.

The strategy includes three identifying ‘intervention levels’ or ‘phases’ that reflect the life of a typical road. While most road structures are designed for up to 80 years, the road surface that is directly exposed to traffic and weather deteriorates much quicker and typically lasts 10-15 years.

Whilst the road surface acts as the contact for vehicles, just as critically it acts as a water proofing layer protecting the underlying road pavement.

If the surface is left to deteriorate, this will lead to surface cracking and allows water to seep in, accelerating deterioration of the road and damage to the pavement.

Council will continue to look for alternative funding mechanisms for additional roadworks in the Shire over the coming years.