Rock Fall on Wilton Road – Broughton Pass

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Rock Fall on Wilton Road – Broughton Pass

Posted on: 01.11.2016

During our routine risk management inspections today we have found a number of sandstone boulders on the road pavement of Wilton Road on the Appin side of the Cataract River.

At this time it appears that the boulders have fallen from the top of the sandstone cutting above the road; however, we do not know what has dislodged the boulders.

Council is sourcing geotechnical experts to urgently inspect the rock face to determine what has happened and what works may be necessary to prevent further rock falls.

Given the size of the boulders and the spread of impact, the temporary pedestrian access through the Broughton Pass closure has been suspended until further notice.

The rock fall is not related to the failure of dry packed sandstone wall on the Wilton side of the bridge.