Safety Concerns on Wonga Road, Picton

Safety Concerns on Wonga Road, Picton

Posted on: 04.03.2019

An unformed section of road reserve at the end of Wonga Road, at the rear of Picton High School, will soon be closed to general vehicle traffic due to safety and useability concerns as it does not have an all-weather surface. This section of Wonga Road was formerly used to access an old waste disposal site.

The Local Traffic Committee, which includes representatives of the police, Roads & Maritime Services and Council, has met numerous times to discuss the traffic management challenges during the current construction works at the school, including visits on site.

With the opening of the temporary school site this year, the gate at the end of the formed section of Wonga Rd has been left open without Council approval, allowing general access by teachers, parents, construction traffic, and unmanaged student pedestrian traffic.

After another site inspection and following consultation with the Local Traffic Committee, Council has decided that it is in the best interests of the school and wider community for the vehicular access to the rear of the school site to stop by re-closing the gate.  The developer will be asked to erect a construction fence between Council’s gate and the rear gates of the school to allow pedestrian only access to the rear of the school.

Mayor Matthew Deeth said, “Council shares community concerns regarding the redevelopment of Picton High School.”

“Council was not the consent authority for the development and we have been expressing concerns for two years regarding the management of the construction and then the operational phases. Approval has been carried out by State Government due to the significance of the development.”

“We are continuing to work with both the school and the Department of Education to try and resolve the safety issues that we have raised,” he said.


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