Sportsground Update

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Sportsground Update

Posted on: 17.06.2016

Following the recent flooding of the sportsgrounds and concerns being raised regarding the potential contamination of the playing surface VICTORIA PARK, HUME OVAL and PICTON SPORTSGROUND have been closed for a period of 12 days.

Council intends to reopen VICTORIA PARK, HUME OVAL and PICTON SPORTSGROUND from 2pm Friday 17 June, 2016.

Over the past week Council has researched and obtained information from Health NSW, Public Health QLD, University of Wollongong, Health Protection Agency UK and Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Atlanta US, regarding potential issues relating to flood affected fields and have concluded the following:

  • It is recommended that sporting fields that have been inundated with floodwater should generally be safe for use one week after the water has receded (in winter lengthen the recommended one week period as ground will dry more slowly)
  • Anyone using sporting fields should wash hands thoroughly afterwards, especially prior to eating or drinking
  • Anyone using sporting fields should cover any wounds prior to play, as well as washing any new wounds and applying appropriate disinfectant and covering

Based on the information sourced from the authorities and other areas, as referenced above,  the risk of contamination does  not appear significant after one week of grounds drying and that testing of soil for the presence of bacteria or chemicals will not, in general, add any useful additional information to inform the risk.

Council intends to open these fields for use on Friday at 2pm; however, users and organisers are reminded that the choice to engage in sporting or other activities on these fields remains their choice based on their own risk assessment for their particular activity.