The largest pedestrian bridge ever constructed in the Shire has opened in Picton!

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The largest pedestrian bridge ever constructed in the Shire has opened in Picton!

Posted on: 03.08.2017

For the past several months, anyone taking a leisurely stroll along the cycleway in Picton will have observed energetic work happening adjacent to Racecourse Creek. This hustle and bustle was for the construction of a bridge linking the existing walkway in the Botanic Gardens with Picton sportsground.

The bridge structure is galvanized steel and the suspension towers, visible from Barkers Lodge Rd, soar up to 10m above the bridge deck. This amazing suspension style bridge uses the same engineering principles as the much larger ANZAC Bridge in Sydney and is 40 metres long!

Mayor for Wollondilly, Judith Hannan has said, “This bridge has been something that the Picton community have asked for through the years and it represents a tangible example of Council’s commitment to delivering improved facilities. It makes this great place to live even better!”

 “The bridge will be a functional and impressive addition to Picton and will allow the community to walk to the sportsground instead of driving. It gives the community multiple access points to the Picton sportsgrounds and also the Off Leash Dog Park.”

The bridge was manufactured in the factory of Fleetwood Urban to very rigorous standards, before being reviewed by structural engineers and lifted onto the prepared foundations by a 400 tonne, 27 metre long crane on Friday 7 July.

Given the flooding in Picton last year, residents can have peace of mind knowing that all of these factors were looked at and the bridge will be secure.

 “The bridge has been built to be here for a very long time and the design process looked at many factors, including flooding. The foundations have been boosted to ensure that it will survive a flood and the effect on flood behaviour has been checked and found to be a minimal impact.” said Luke Johnson, General Manager of Wollondilly Shire Council.