UPDATE: Blaxland Crossing Bearing Replacement Project

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UPDATE: Blaxland Crossing Bearing Replacement Project

Posted on: 16.05.2017

Wollondilly Shire Council would like to advise of a delay in awarding the contract for the Blaxland Crossing Bridge Bearing Replacement Project. The delay to awarding the contract is approximately 1 month.

This is because Council are continuing to clarify some technical details and seek approval from key stakeholders involved in the project. There are a number of key stakeholders that have infrastructure running through the bridge. We require these stakeholders to provide approval of the works before we can commit to a contract. This has been a lengthy process and is nearing completion.

We have recently undertaken a full structural assessment of the bridge and confirmed that the current permit system with loading and speed restrictions remains suitable. Permits for vehicles over 38T up to 55T are continuing to be issued with an expiry of 3 months (end of July 2017). The permit system will then be reviewed with respect to progress of the remedial works and structural condition of the bridge.

More information can be found on Council’s website under current infrastructure projects.