Wilton New Town…a GREAT New Town or NO Town at all

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Wilton New Town…a GREAT New Town or NO Town at all

Posted on: 08.06.2017

Mayor Judith Hannan of Wollondilly Shire Council has formally launched the ‘Wilton New Town Advocacy Paper’ today and has begun to advocate for “Wilton New Town … a GREAT New Town, or NO Town at all”. Mayor Hannan calls attention to the need for a highly coordinated approach to planning and infrastructure so that Wilton can become a healthy, vibrant and sustainable community. 

Developed by Council, the Wilton New Town Paper was presented to Councillors during Council’s Extraordinary Meeting, on Monday 5 June, and outlines Council’s position on the proposed Wilton New Town.

Mayor Hannan states that, “Wilton New Town has the potential to deliver positive outcomes for current and future communities (if well-planned). We are increasingly concerned that the current approach is ad hoc and want to see a more coordinated approach by all levels of government, all relevant government agencies, and all development bodies.

If this doesn’t occur, and if we don’t get Wilton New Town right, our future generations will have to deal with the consequences or poor infrastructure and public transport, limited employment, lack of public education and access to local health services”.

The ‘Wilton New Town Advocacy Paper’ will continue to evolve as we proceed with our campaign to advocate for a GREAT New Town for Wilton.

View Mayor Hannan's press conference statement below:


Wilton New Town Advocacy Paper