Winners of the Wollondilly Christmas Lights Competition 2015

Warragamba Panorama

Winners of the Wollondilly Christmas Lights Competition 2015

Posted on: 21.12.2015

On 17 December, Wollondilly Shire Council held a presentation evening for the Wollondilly Christmas Lights participants.  Winners were announced with the Grand Champion for 2015 being the Austin family of Thirlmere. This is the second year running that they have kept their title. (image below).                 

If you are interested in having a look at the lights, here are some streets to visit in Wollondilly:

  • Beatty Street- Wilton
  • Chisolm Street- Wilton
  • Argyle Street- Picton
  • Thirlmere Way- Thirlmere
  • Baroo Street- Thirlmere
  • York Street – Tahmoor
  • Noongah Street – Bargo
  • Ruddocks Road- Lakesland
  • Warradale Road – Silverdale
  • Twelfth Street – Warragamba
  • Campsie Street – Wilton
  • Matcham Road – Buxton

Winners Christmas Lights 2015

 Best Lit Small House & Garden

Sponsored by House Warehouse –

 Highly Commended       Dorion Williams                              Wilton

Highly Commended        Ian Smith                                        Bargo

1st Prize                           Matt Austin                                     Thirlmere

 Best Lit Large House & Garden

Sponsored by CPE Tree Services  -

 Highly Commended       Greg Townsend                            Wilton

Highly Commended       Lenny & Tina Farrance                 Thirlmere

Highly Commended       Lennie Attard                                 Wilton

1st Prize                          Andrew Kelly                                  Wilton

 Best Lit House - Senior Citizen

Sponsored by The District Reporter  -

 Highly Commended       Elaine Bonning                              Warragamba

Highly Commended       Carolyn Richards                           Bargo

1st Prize                           Joy & Ken Rope                            Bargo

 Best Youth/Junior Work

Sponsored by Wollondilly Shire Council

 Highly Commended       Byron Smith                                  Wilton

Highly Commended       Kieran Cooke                                 Bargo

Highly Commended       Jake Mortimer                               Tahmoor

1st Prize                          Riley Boon                                      Lakesland

 Best Novelty Theme

Sponsored by Picton Bowling Club –

 Highly Commended       Gary Irvine                                      Wilton

1st Prize                          Ann-Marie Marino                          Wilton

 Best First Year Entrant 

Sponsored by Wollondilly Shire Council

 Highly Commended       Chris Beardmore                           Buxton

Highly Commended       Juan Abutro                                    Wilton

Highly Commended       Loryn Fox                                       Thirlmere

Highly Commended       Joe & Mel Anderson                      Thirlmere

Highly Commended       Amanda Roy                                  Silverdale         

1st Prize                          Tim Bennett-Smith                        Thirlmere

 Best Commercial/Retail Premises

Sponsored by Alted Printing –

 Highly Commended       Warragamba, Silverdale Neighbourhood Centre

Highly Commended       Little Elves Childcare Centre

Highly Commended       Critter Bits

Best Shop Front              Collectables of Picton

1st Prize                            St Pauls Anglican Church             Mount Hunter  

 Judges Awards

Best Constructed            Ian Smith                                        Bargo

Most Technical               Jake Mortimer                                Tahmoor

Most Sustainable            Graham Hyslop                              Wilton

Most Sustainable            Sarah Anderson                            Silverdale

 Best Street

Sponsored by Mowbray Park Farm –

Highly Commended       Beatty St                                         Wilton     

1st Prize                          Baroo Street                                   Thirlmere

 Grand Champion

Sponsored by Wollondilly Advertiser –

Matt, Fiona, Cooper & Indy Austin, Thirlmere


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