Wollondilly Community Nursery

Warragamba Panorama

Wollondilly Community Nursery

Posted on: 05.05.2016

Wollondilly Community Nursery is renowned for its beautiful native plants, however we have much more on offer to community groups and the general public.

The nursery is also an educational and resource centre where people can participate in propagation workshops, volunteer and meet new people, or get involved in ‘Mud Fun’ a very popular event for young and old alike.

Other opportunities for the public to engage include compost, a no dig garden, workshops, free literature on everything from worm farming to water saving.

Recently we have supported several Green Army groups that participated in a propagation workshop and some Mud Fun activities. School groups like Picton Public also take advantage of the Nursery as a resource centre with the children creating gardens for the school.

“I have no words to express how great was the visit to Wollondilly nursery. The guys were so amazed that they didn't want to leave. The community spirit of building/doing things together was the highlight. Thank you so much for the opportunity.” Claudia Zanette, Green Army Supervisor, Conservation Volunteers Australia.