Positive Outcomes for Wollondilly at the Strategic Planning Day

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Positive Outcomes for Wollondilly at the Strategic Planning Day

Posted on: 24.11.2016

Wollondilly Shire Councillors, together with Council’s Executive Team and Managers came together on Saturday to discuss Wollondilly’s strategic directions for the future. The four main focus areas on the agenda were Roads, Peri-urban & Agriculture, Growth and Tourism.

The Strategic Planing Day was held in the View Room of the newly refurbished Picton Library and was jointly facilitated by Wollondilly’s Mayor - Judith Hannan and General Manager - Luke Johnson. The day was all about the Councillors and staff working collaboratively on future directions and priorities for the community.

Mayor Hannan, presenting on Council’s values and responsibilities, said “To develop our strategic plan for the future we need to align our values and professional objectives with each other so that we follow the same path.”

“We are all engaging with the community and can hear what they want. So now we have to work together to deliver on our promises. That means being pragmatic and outcomes-focussed and cutting red tape and delays wherever we can.”

Mr Johnson, talked about Council’s business planning process and how Councillors and staff can work together to achieve their desired outcomes. “It was an extremely constructive day and it highlighted the power and potential of having a positive organisational culture”, said Mr Johnson.

“The workshop was an excellent example of Councillors and the Executive working closely together with a strong focus on the broad range of opportunities facing our community.”

Some of the specific topics covered related to asset management, how roadworks are prioritised, community engagement, growth and how this relates to the vision of “rural living”, tourism initiatives, DA processing improvements, and Council’s community advisory committees.