Conditions of Hire for Council Halls & Community Centres

Completion of the Application for Hire form does not confirm your booking. Your booking is not confirmed until you have received written confirmation from Council or the Management Committee and is subject to the payment of all fees and bonds.

Booking Process, Fees & Bonds

1. Only persons 21 years and over will be permitted to sign Council’s Hire form. Proof of identity must be provided by New Hirers (0riginal Drivers Licence or similar proof of identity must be sighted by Council Officer before release of Keys).

2. Hirers must complete a Booking Application form and agree to use only that part of the facility nominated in the Hire Application, and confirmed by Council or the Management Committee (whichever is applicable). Times of hire must be adhered to. Setting up times and packing up times must be included in the booked time.

3. Hirers are to clearly state the nature and type of activity that is to take place on their Booking Application form.

4. All Bonds and Deposits are to be paid in advance. Hire Fees are to be paid in accordance with the terms outlined on the invoice for hire.

5. Hirers must pay the appropriate fee in accordance with the schedule of Fees and Charges as adopted by Council. If the Hirer wishes to apply for a Reduction or Waiver of Council’s Adopted Fees they should contact Council’s Facilities Coordinator for details of this process by email to or by telephone on 4677 1100.

6. All Regular Hirers must hold public liability cover for a minimum of ten million dollars, endorsed to note the interest of Council. Proof of such cover in the form of a Certificate of Currency must be provided to Council with your booking and upon renewal each year.

7. Hirers must ensure they obtain the necessary Permits for their activity (e.g. APRA Licence for Public Performances) as required.

8. The Hirer is required to give seven (7) days’ notice of cancellation otherwise full payment must be made. A processing fee of 10% of hire fee is applicable to cancellations if more than seven (7) days but less than one (1) months’ notice is provided. No fee is applicable if one month or more notice is provided for cancellations.

9. Refundable bonds will be returned by cheque only within two (2) weeks of the final hire date, provided the facilities are left in a condition satisfactory to Council or the Committee (whichever is applicable) and the key returned. Failure to leave the facilities clean and tidy will result in the forfeit of the bond. Bond refunds are provided by cheque.


10. The Hirer or person nominated by the Hirer may collect keys and sign the Key Issue Form at a time suitable to Council’s Facilities Coordinator or the Management Committee Booking Officer. Keys are only able to be collected on a weekday before 4pm and an appointment must be made for this process.

11. No additional keys may be cut by the Hirer. Any additional keys required must be ordered by Council and further key deposits will apply.

12. Keys must be returned to Council on the first business day following hire. Bonds and key deposits will only be refunded following the return of the key and pending a satisfactory post-hire inspection.

13. Under no circumstances are hirers permitted to remove Council padlocks on any gates, electrical boxes, etc. and replace with their own.

Alcohol and Security

14. If alcohol is to be consumed at a function, a Safe Party/ Function Notification Form needs to be obtained from the (Police) Local Area Command and a copy provided to Council prior to the event. Keys for the facility will not be issued if this requirement is not met.

15. Alcohol must only be consumed within the Community Building. Alcohol is not permitted to be consumed outside the building, for example, in car parks, doorways or walkways.

16. Consumption of alcohol in glass bottles is not permitted.

17. Consumption of intoxicating liquor by persons under the age of 18 years is not permitted.

18. Bringing bulk alcohol or kegs into a community facility is not permitted.

19. Selling of alcohol on the premises is not permitted without a Liquor Licence. The Hirer must provide a copy of such a licence to Council prior to their function.

20. Venue Capacity is not to be exceeded under any circumstances.

Cleaning and Damage Bond

21. The hirer is responsible for cleaning the facility following their use each time. A mop, bucket and broom are provided however the hirer will need to bring their own cleaning equipment or products as required. Warm water only is to be used on spills on the halls timber floors. The floors are to be swept and any spills mopped up. The kitchen must be left clean and nothing is to be left in the fridge. The oven, fridge and microwave are to be wiped clean if used.

22. All Hirers must remove their own rubbish from the facility following each use of the facility. In doing so Hirers must not place this rubbish in any fixed Council bin, or trade waste bin, located in or near the facility. Hirer’s will need to bring bin liners for their rubbish.

23. Nails, screws or any other fastenings are not to be driven in or attached in any way to the walls, floors, timber work, ceilings, furniture or fittings. Blue Tac may be used with care, providing it’s removed on completion of the booking.

24. Tables and chairs are not to be dragged on floor surfaces. Table and Chair trolleys are to be used when setting up and packing up to minimise manual handling risk. All tables and chairs must be wiped down following use and returned to the storage area to be stacked in a neat and safe fashion.

25. The facility must be locked securely on completion of hire and all fans, heaters and lights must be turned off.

26. The Hirer undertakes that in connection with the use of the facility they will not permit or suffer anything to be done which is damaging, disorderly or offensive. The Hirer shall be held responsible for the preservation of good order in general.

27. If the facility is left in an unsatisfactory condition that requires additional cleaning, including removal of rubbish, hirers will be charged for this service and the amount due deducted from the bond. Any damages must be paid for. If the total due exceeds the bond paid, the additional amount will be charged to the hirer.

General Conditions

28. Council, any of its Officers or Management Committees, reserve the right to refuse any booking, or to cancel a booking within reasonable grounds and shall no way be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Hirer, or any firm or corporation supplying any article or service to the Hirer, or otherwise in consequence of the exercising of this right. Management Committees are to advise Council in writing of the grounds for any such action.

29. The facility must only be accessed in the booked time for the purposes stated on the hire application. The hirer must ensure that they include sufficient time in their booking to allow for setting up and cleaning up following their hire.

30. The Hirer must carry out a safety inspection prior to use of the facility. In case of emergency, or to advise of any incidents, please contact Council’s after hours service on 4677 1100. Note: - Out of hours calls of a nonurgent nature to seek assistance for minor matters will be charged to the hirer (minimum 4 hour call out fee at double time) at the discretion of Council.

31. Smoking is not permitted in ANY Council buildings.

32. First Aid equipment must be provided by the hirer for those attending their booked activities.

33. No animals are to be taken on the grounds unless prior permission is obtained from Council, and it is not in contravention of Council Ordinance Signs.

34. The Hirer must obtain Council’s approval for the erection of any signs or banners, etc. within or outside the facility, in accordance with Council’s Advertising Policy.

35. Sub-Rental/Leasing by Hirers which have been allocated the use of a particular facility is prohibited.

36. All music played must be kept to a reasonable level to avoid disruption to nearby residential areas. All music must cease at MIDNIGHT and guests are required to depart at this time. The hall and car park must be vacated by 1.00am.

37. Should a Hirer be unable to proceed with their Hall booking due to faulty utilities on the day, a written request for a refund of hire charges may be submitted to Council for consideration, however, Council is not obligated to accept liability.

38. The hirer is responsible for ensuring they are fully licenced and qualified for all activities that they will be carrying out while using Council premises. Council may request proof of such licencing and/or qualifications.

39. Council may impose additional conditions of use when assessing your application. If so, details will be included in your confirmation letter.