Promote Sustainable Living

Help spread the word about actions we can all take to reduce our impact on the environment.

It is easy to feel that you're the only one trying to live sustainably, but as you talk to more people, you’ll find that many of us are on the same path. We are all teachers and we are all learners, so share what you know with others and you might just be rewarded by discovering something new yourself!

The more we promote sustainable living, the easier it will be to build sustainable communities.

How to do it now!

Live a sustainable life
Walk before you talk, hypocrisy is a bad look.

Do what you can, when you can
Challenge yourself to do one extra sustainable action each week. This Guide has plenty of ideas to get you started.

Become involved
Local action groups are working towards improving the environment and sustainability. Stay informed about what your local community has on offer.

Spread the word
The more discussions, arguments and gentle cajoling we engage in the better. So do the actions to move yourself toward sustainability and then encourage others.

Tell people about this site
Get people talking!

  • Email the URL of this site to your friends.

  • Put a link to this site on your website, Facebook page or blog.

  • Talk about the actions and perspectives raised here.

Write to your local member of parliament and relevant government ministers about issues you feel passionate about.

Explore (and support) the Australian Conservation Foundation and get inspired to make change at your business or organisation.

Why is this action important?

Many of us are simply unaware of the impacts our current lifestyles are having on the natural systems that maintain our lives. By helping to spread the word and encouraging others to take positive steps to move towards sustainability, you are helping to avoid the worst potential impacts of environmental problems (such as climate change and drought). Our future must be sustainable and in sync with nature, and we must start building this future now. Generations to come will thank you for it! 

Environmental benefit

It is our job to think more deeply about the environment, its future and our role in shaping it. The environmental impact that one person has may appear to be small in comparison to the expanse of the environment. However, if everyone makes small changes, it will help create an environment that is sustainable now and into the future.

Wellbeing benefit

Some fear that we humans are facing extinction. Many feel guilty that we are responsible for the extinction of hundreds of species and the spoiling of our beautiful planet. We now have the knowledge, the science and the technology to repair and replenish what we have taken from nature and to learn to live in harmony with all species of life.

Knowledge, debate, thought, imagination and aspiration are succour for our fears, but action puts us in play for the good guys (and that does wonders for our wellbeing).