Australia Day Awards Nomination Form 2021

For assistance in completing the nomination form, or for further information, please contact Council's Events Team on (02) 4677 1100.  Nominations close at 4pm on Wednesday 6th January 2021. Nominations received after the closing date will not be accepted.


(the person / community organisation you would like to nominate)

Note: The Committee has the right to vary the category for which a nomination has been made if a different category is more appropriate

You must provide as much information as possible above, as the awards will be judged off the information provided.

Details to be provided- Brief personal details about the person / community organisation and activities, personal achievements, awards, sporting involvements or achievements, and why you feel they should receive the award.





A person / community organisation who has won an Australia Day Award in the past is not eligible to be considered for nomination in the same category again. As an example, a Citizen of the Year cannot receive the Citizen of the Year award again.

Nominees for Australia Day Awards must be Australian Citizens. The Australia
Day Award Committee takes into consideration that the nominee may have had to leave the Shire in order to undertake the activities that have led to the nomination.


Citizen of the Year

A Wollondilly Shire resident. Aged 25 and above as at 26 January 2021. The Citizen of the year is someone who has made an outstanding achievement and shown leadership in the local community, demonstrating selfless commitment, application, dedication and involvement in activities that promote the welfare and wellbeing of the Wollondilly community.

Young Citizen of the Year

A Wollondilly Shire resident. Aged 12-24 as at 26 January 2021. The Young Citizen of the Year is an inspirational role model for their peers and the community who demonstrates leadership, innovation, creativity and displays a selfless contribution to the Wollondilly community.

The Young Citizen of the Year may also show outstanding achievements in one or more areas including academic, cultural, environmental or civic responsibilities. 

Environmental Citizen of the Year 

A Wollondilly Shire resident. This award recognises individuals and organisations championing litter reduction and/or environmental initiatives in their local community. Individuals and organisations including schools, local businesses and community groups are eligible to receive this award. Nominees may be recognised for work such as preserving the environment, innovative use of the Return and Earn scheme to fundraise for a meaningful cause and/or fostering partnerships that achieve litter reduction and recycling outcomes.

Achiever of the Year (Open Age)

Must have an association with the Shire for the time of the nomination.  A nominee that has notably achieved in general or in a particular field. This may include community, arts and culture or professional and education achievements.

Sportsperson of the Year (Open Age)

A Wollondilly Shire resident for the time of the nomination. This award aims to recognise individuals who have made a specific contribution to local sports in areas such as umpiring, coaching, sportsmanship, volunteering and individual sporting achievements during the past year and/or contributions to the local community over a number of years.

Local Hero/Community Group

Must have an association with the Shire. The Local Hero Award recognises the enormous contribution, sacrifice and commitment of an individual or organisation who work selflessly to make their local community a better place. The Local Hero may be involved in such things as business, leadership, voluntary work, supported the community during emergencies/natural disasters, education, sporting clubs, working with the disadvantaged or have displayed courage in overcoming a personal adversity.

Disability Inclusion Award

Must have an association with the Shire. This award acknowledges the outstanding achievements of business, organisations or individuals who have clearly demonstrated their commitment towards improving the lives of people with disability in Wollondilly Shire.


For assistance in completing the nomination form, or for further information, please phone Council’s Events Team on (02) 4677 1100.