Destination Management Plan


The Wollondilly Destination Management Plan was developed with extensive community consultation and was undertaken by Stafford Strategy including group and one-on-one consultation with Wollondilly businesses, residents, Councillors, tourism stakeholders, community groups, State Government and council staff.  This plan for Wollondilly as a destination was adopted by Council in October 2018.

The Destination Management Plan is a five year plan for guiding sustainable growth and to help ensure the viability and resilience of the tourism industry in the Shire.

• It is important to note that the DMP is not a marketing strategy but rather a management plan that includes a number of “game changer” projects that Council and other stakeholders can deliver over the next five years to increase visitation and overnight stays in the Wollondilly Shire.

By 2025, Wollondilly’s visitor economy will be a key driver of the social, cultural and economic life of Wollondilly, with substantial increased benefits for the resident and business community. This will be achieved by further developing Wollondilly’s product offering and promoting it as a year-round vibrant destination.

Activation Areas:

1. Product & Infrastructure Development – To diversify Wollondilly’s product base and develop / enhance infrastructure to support the visitor economy.
2. Destination Awareness & Visitor Services – To grow awareness of Wollondilly as a visitor destination and to actively showcase what is on offer.
3. Events Development – To actively target niche events which Wollondilly has strengths in and to support the development of new events.
4. Governance & Support – To ensure there is a united approach to growing Wollondilly’s visitor economy.

The DMP “game changer” projects include:

• Investment Prospectus – Council will develop an investment prospectus to encourage investment in the shire’s visitor economy. The prospectus will include all the visitor data of Wollondilly as well as potential sites for potential tourism development.
• Destination Holiday Park – there are currently no branded holiday parks within the shire and the potential exists to introduce one of the branded destination holiday parks into Wollondilly’s accommodation mix.
• Visitor Economy Awareness Campaign – the visitor economy is worth $57 million to the shire so a tourism awareness campaign will show how the tourist dollar disperses through the economy, what businesses benefit from tourism and how council funding maximizes returns to Wollondilly’s community via economic, social and infrastructure benefits.
• Eco-Lodge & Wellness Centre – with the desire to attract a higher yielding visitor market, the opportunity may exist to develop a high-quality boutique eco-lodge, which could be a clear point of difference for the shire.
• Great Walk Experience – there is the opportunity to formalize a number of trails to offer half and full day walks, as well as to investigate the potential to create a multi-day guided walk, linking the Blue Mountains. If developed properly, the walk could be banded as a “Great Walk of Australia” which is a collection of signature multi-day guided walks throughout Australia.
• Expansion of Thirlmere Festival of Steam – the opportunity to work with the NSW Rail Museum and with the community to help develop the Thirlmere Festival of Steam as a signature destination event for Wollondilly.


Destination Management Plan