What We Do

The WHA provides a meaningful way of providing health and social services by guaranteeing the joined-up working that brings about joined-up care to provide for the diverse needs of people in Wollondilly. We do not deliver services, but instead endeavour to ensure that the right people, in the right place, at the right time can deliver positive outcomes for the people of Wollondilly and on the ambitions of integrated health and social care.



The top health priority needs that the Wollondilly Health Alliance is focusing on are:

  • Future planning for health services aligned to predicted population increase
  • Better sharing of patient health information
  • Improving access to community health services
  • Increasing community awareness about local health care services and treatment options
  • Attracting and retaining health professionals
  • Preventative health


The priorities of the WHA have been established through stakeholder consultation. Ongoing consultation is achieved through community activities and patient experience stories. By broadening the range of methods we use to ensure that the community is heard and building on our existing strong relationships, we will create new opportunities for service delivery and achieving outcomes.


Progress Report

The WHA Project Progress Report for June 2019 outlines our achievements and challenges for the 2018-19 Financial Year, and captures some of the work we have done in the community.


Needs Assessment Report

In 2014, the Wollondilly Health Alliance conducted a needs assessment of the region. The aim of the needs assessment was to find out what the community and GP's thought about health services in Wollondilly.

You can access the full Wollondilly Health Needs Assessment report.


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