Greater Macarthur Growth Area

Greater Macarthur was declared a growth area by the NSW Government on 6 December 2019. The growth area incorporates Glenfield to Macarthur as urban renewal precincts and Appin as a land release precinct

The NSW Government has identified Greater Macarthur as a state-led strategic planning project that will involve early investigation and high level planning. This will be led by the NSW Government to inform future rezoning processes.

A draft high level structure plan (see image right) that included Appin was exhibited in 2018 as part of Greater Macarthur 2040: an interim plan for the Greater Macarthur Growth Area.

The Minister has committed to planning the growth area in collaboration with Wollondilly and Campbelltown Council. The declaration as a growth area seeks to spur on investment in education, jobs, recreation and housing while conserving key koala habitats.

The realisation of Greater Macarthur will see significant changes around Appin with an estimated 15,000 new homes, new centres, open space, environmental corridors and transport infrastructure.

Council remains committed to advocating for great planning outcomes and continues to advocate for infrastructure planning and investment before the growth area is rezoned for housing. This includes conservation of critical habitat, open space, public transport, education and health facilities and roads.


Further Information

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See Planning Priority 3 of Wollondilly 2040 Local Planning Statement




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