Growth Management Strategy

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Wollondilly Shire Council adopted a Growth Management Strategy (GMS) in recognition of the need to have a plan for future growth, as well as plan for future service and infrastructure provision.

Some of the key elements contained in Council's Growth Management Strategy 2011 include:

  • Planning for "natural" rates of growth. This means we will continue to grow at similar rates to the last 15 years (average 1.9% pa) rather than trying to accelerate our growth. This will still mean a 20,000 population increase in the next 25 years.
  • Not having further major urban release within the Macarthur South area at this stage.
  • Planning for the delivery of at least 7,500 new houses over the next 25 years.
  • Planning for a range of different housing types to meet the needs of our future community.
  • Planning for a range of new employment opportunities so that residents have greater opportunities for working locally and within the region.
  • Ensuring all forms of growth are compatible with the vision of "rural living" which now has a definition in the GMS.
  • Acknowledging and seeking to protect the Shire's rural and resource lands because of their special economic, environmental and cultural values.
  • Encouraging sustainable growth which supports our existing towns and villages, and makes the provision of services and infrastructure more efficient and viable.
  • Planning for the majority of new housing growth to be focused within or immediately adjacent to our existing settlements, rather than spreading it through our rural areas. 

The GMS does not rezone land. The GMS provides an overarching policy to guide decisions on rezoning land.

Review of GMS 2011

After the release of the GMS 2011, the NSW Government launched it’s Potential Homesites Program which called for expressions of interest from landowners with sites of more than 100 hectares who believed they could deliver houses quickly to the market. The program identified a number of investigation sites in our local government area for potential housing development. We have now been asked by the NSW Government to undertake an investigation of these sites as part of a review of the GMS 2011. 

Council is currently finalising its review of the GMS 2011.

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Growth Management Strategy 2011


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