Major Growth Centres

View from Warragamba Lookout

Wollondilly is expected to triple its current population within 30 years.  This means an increase in housing.

Wollondilly Shire Council has thrown its support behind the Wilton Junction Master Plan which is expected to produce about 12,000 lots and up to 11,000 jobs.  There is also expected to be increased growth in other areas currently under investigation.  Last year, we approved $166.8 million dollars worth of development applications around our existing towns as per our Growth Management Strategy, so expansion has already begun.

What does this growth mean to Wollondilly?

There are many positives that come with growth and they include: increased employment, diversity of housing and new infrastructure services and facilities to support the new and existing villages.  We are at an advantage because we are at the starting point.  We can strategically plan the progress and build our future communities on the solid base that we already have.

In the next few months the community will be asked to consult with Council about its revised Growth Management Strategy.  You will be given a chance to have your say about the future direction that Wollondilly is taking.


Growth Management Strategy

Greater Macarthur Land Release Investigation

Wilton Junction Growth Centre