'Beyond the Edge: Australia's First National Peri-Urban Conference' - Presentations are now available online and can be accessed at Latrobe Univerity.


Sydney Peri-Urban 2015 Action Plan

Sydney Peri-Urban Network - Issues Paper (PDF) (2.04MB)

Environment Panel Advisory Paper for the Greater Sydney Commission.pdf

Agri Reference Group NSW - Response to Draft Metropolitan Strategy NSW (PDF) (207.69KB)

Rural Land Use in Wollondilly (PDF) (510.19KB)

Yarra Ranges Biodiversity Offsets Program (BOP) (PDF) (2.57MB)

Understanding the Planning of Open-Spaces in Territories-in-Between: Dupuy's Network Urbansim Approach Applied to Areas in-between Urban and Rural (PDF) (945.11KB)
DI Alexandre Wandl, MSc
Affiliation: PhD Candidate at Delft University of Technology - Department of Urbanism - Chair of Spatial Planning and Strategy: The Netherlands.  Contact: A.Wandl@tudelft.nl

Can Landscape Urbanism Help to Plan in 'Territories-in-between' (PDF) (3.98MB)
Alexander Wandt
PhD Candidate Faculty of Architecture at TU Delft