Wilton New Town

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Wilton New Town...A GREAT Town or NO Town at All

Wilton New Town has the potential to deliver positive outcomes for our Shire and our future communities, if well-planned. It is a unique opportunity to plan a great new community, but we are increasingly concerned that there needs to be a more coordinated approach by the three levels of government, all relevant government agencies, and all developers. 

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has recently announced the rezoning of the Wilton South East Precinct. This is the first stage of the Wilton New Town planning proposal which could eventually see over 50,000 people calling Wilton home. This is equivalent to a town the size of Port Macquarie.

The rezoning of the South East Precinct by the Department is premature given that details on the delivery of critical infrastructure such as health care, public transport and schools remain unclear. In addition, the Department has not yet demonstrated how adequate local employment opportunities for future residents will be secured or how our koala habitat will be protected.

Council is calling for the NSW Government to halt any further decision on the Wilton New Town until there is a commitment to the following 5 points:

  • Public transport services, including a train station and electrified rail services
  • Creating one permanent, ongoing local job for each dwelling
  • An integrated health care precinct for a future hospital
  • Protection of our unique, disease-free koala community through corridor preservation
  • Finalisation of a Special Infrastructure Contributions scheme signed off by the State Government which outlines how all these issues will be addressed

Council wants a firm commitment from the NSW Government to address these issues before there is any further progression with Wilton New Town.

Developed by Council, the Wilton New Town… A GREAT Town or NO Town at All advocacy paper outlines Council's position on the proposed Wilton New Town and highlights the need for good urban design and a clear staging and delivery plan for public infrastructure.

You can download a copy of the advocacy paper below. If you would like to comment on this issue you can visit our Engage.Wollondilly site.


Following Council’s in principle support to the draft Wilton New Town Masterplan in December 2012, Council requested that the NSW Government lead a detailed investigation of Wilton New Town for development. This approach best enabled the co-ordination of state infrastructure agencies and allowing urgent attention to the resolution of mining related issues. Council continues to play an active role in this planning process and has strongly advocated for an integrated approach to planning a great new, liveable, healthy and sustainable community.

After consulting with Council, the DPE issued to the proponents its requirements for the detailed investigations to facilitate the State-led rezoning of Wilton. These include a range of studies relating to biodiversity, water and air quality, heritage, roads, traffic & transport, infrastructure requirements, health & emergency services, economic development/employment, mining subsidence and bushfire protection.

On 29 July 2016, The Minister for Planning gazetted State Environmental Planning Policy (Sydney Region Growth Centres) Amendment (Wilton) 2016. This had the effect of identifying the Wilton Priority Growth Area boundary. The map can be viewed under the downloads section below.

The DPE are currently preparing a Land Use and Infrastructure Strategy (LUIS) to guide the preparation of Precinct Plans which will inform subsequent rezoning proposals. The Draft LUIS will be opened for community consultation towards the end of 2016.

The DPE has invited proposals from individual proponents for development of precincts to accelerate early delivery of the first stages of Wilton New Town. Council are working to ensure that critical infrastructure including public transport, health and education services, and outstanding mining issues are fully resolved before any land is rezoned.


"Wilton a GREAT new town or NO town at all" Advocacy-Paper

Draft Wilton Junction Master Plan September 2012

Wilton Junction Masterplan - Report to Council 17 December 2012

Wilton Junction Masterplan - Council Resolution 17 December 2012

State Environmental Planning Policy (Wilton Priority Growth Area) Boundary Map

Summary of Deed of Agreement

After further negotiations, Council and Walker Corporation have agreed to release a summary of the Deed of Agreement. We expect that this agreement will achieve some great outcomes for our koala population.

Deed of Agreement 


Council’s Manager Sustainable Growth on 4677 1100 or council@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au