Current Planning Proposals

Proposals to change the Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011

A planning proposal is a document that explains the change and effect of proposed changes to the Local Environmental Plan. In Wollondilly, this is the Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011.

We are considering a significant number of planning proposals due to the demand for growth in our Shire. Most of these seek to rezone land at specific locations. Planning Proposals can also change controls that affect all land in Wollondilly, for example lot sizes for subdivision of dual occupancy development.

Click here for a list and summary of the current Planning Proposals and their status:  Current Status and Completed Planning Proposals and Projects. 

The NSW Government Department of Planning & Environment also has an online Local Plan Making Tracking System where you can find information on Planning Proposals once they have been submitted to the Department.

For more information on the rezoning land or amending the Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan visit our Rezoning Land page.


Council's Strategic Planning Team on 4677 1100 or