Donations Program


The Donations Program provides monetary donations to individuals and not for profit community groups and organisations. The program provides a process for the determination of one-off or ad-hoc requests made to Council that cannot be made through other programs within the Financial Assistance Framework.

Applications will be accepted at any time throughout the year.

All donations provided under this program will be recommended to Council through the Notice of Motion process adopted by Council. Information on approved donations will be advised to the community through Council’s Annual Report.



Applications will be accepted from not for profit community groups or organisations operating within the Wollondilly Local Government Area for events and activities that provide a direct benefit to residents of the Wollondilly Local Government Area.

Individuals may apply for one-off support for participation in cultural, academic or sporting events where the individual has been selected on merit to represent Wollondilly at a State / National level or where the individual is representing NSW or Australia and is not for individual gain or profit. Priority will be given to individuals experiencing financial disadvantage or hardship with a letter of recommendation from their coach, instructor or other.

To be eligible for funding an organisation must meet all of the following:

  • Be a not-for-profit community based group or organisation,
  • Be an incorporated body or be auspiced (sponsored) by an incorporated body,
  • Offer services or activities within the Wollondilly Local Government Area,
  • Have no outstanding debts to Council 
  • Not be a political party or political lobby group, and
  • Not be a Government Agency 

To be eligible for funding an individual must meet all of the following:

  • Be a resident of the Wollondilly Shire
  • Be selected on merit to represent Wollondilly at a State / National Level
  • Be participating in a cultural, academic or sporting event
  • Not receive funds for personal gain or profit 

The Donations Program will not provide funds for applications:

  • that are for existing funded services or programs,
  • do not meet identified priority needs,
  • directly contravene Council policies,
  • that are for previously funded events or projects,
  • that are requesting retrospective funding
  • that are for items of equipment or minor works,
  • that are for a charity related event or program, or
  • include recurrent costs of the organisation e.g. salaries, general administration costs 

Applications must demonstrate linkages to the Community Strategic Plan Outcomes and Strategies.


Donation Categories




Community Organisation or Group Events or activities that benefit residents within the Wollondilly Local Government Area. Up to $500
Individuals One off support for local community members selected on merit to participate at State or National level in the fields of sport, culture or academic. Up to $250 



An eligible organisation or individual must complete the Donation Program Application Form or Online Form.

Applications may be submitted at any time of the year for consideration of a funding allocation. Applications are encouraged to be submitted at least four (4) weeks prior to the funds being required to allow for the assessment process.


Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Eligibility for financial assistance program
  • Demonstrates clear linkages to Council’s Community Strategic Plan
  • Demonstrates a strong community development aspect that involves and benefits the broader community through participation or access
  • Reflects and enhances Wollondilly’s sense of place and local identity
  • Attracts broad or new participation from local residents
  • Uses an innovative approach to the proposed project
  • Can be completed in the financial year specified in the application
  • Can be achievable within the planned budget
  • In the case of individuals they are experiencing financial disadvantage or hardship


Conditions of Donation

Successful applicants are asked to provide Council with feedback concerning:

  • How the donation was spent
  • Membership / Participation rates
  • Copies of any promotional material or listings of media coverage generated – copies of media articles should not be submitted due to copyright. Funding will only be paid by way of a direct deposit.



Council’s Community Project Officer on (02) 4677 1100 or