Dilly YAC

The Dilly YAC are a group of youth in Wollondilly who meet every month to plan events and organise activities for youth in the Shire.


Welcome to the Dilly YAC!

Welcome to the Dilly YAC page! We’re a group of volunteers that represent local young people like you!

We meet every month, in person, or online to chat about local youth issues, plan our upcoming events and organise great things for young people in the area.

We organise fun local events like youth week, skate comps and sports events. But we also organise things that are really important to young people, like free training and skills courses. This year we organised a Young Women in Business event and last year we held Wollondilly’s first ever Youth Mental Health Summit.

YAC is a great opportunity for young people to be involved and make a difference in the local community. It also gives you a chance to learn valuable skills like events planning, social media management and community engagement.

The Dilly YAC is for all local young people aged 12 to 24! So if you want to get involved in your local community and have your voice heard as a young person, you should think about joining YAC! Joining is easy! Just follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out when the next meeting is happening or complete our short online form and we will send you the details.


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