Customer Service Charter - online summary

Customer Service Charter - online summary

We aim to deliver accessible, high quality services.  We are committed to improving our services in response to your needs.  This means we will have to ask for your feedback.  Please treat our staff with the same respect and professionalism that we offer to you.

Our commitment to you

  • fair, friendly, polite, and respectful service delivery
  • resolve your enquiry at first contact, or let you know the course of action to be taken
  • listen to your comments, suggestions, and complaints
  • respect confidentiality
  • a zero tolerance to fraud and corruption

 Help us help you

  • treat our people with courtesy and respect
  • respect the privacy and rights of other customers
  • provide us with complete and accurate information
  • work with us to resolve problems and allow us an opportunity to address your concerns
  • provide constructive feedback so we can improve your customer experience
  • provide us with your name – we do not generally act on anonymous complaints unless there is a serious risk to safety or the environment

 When you telephone

  • answer your call to the Customer Contact Centre within 30 seconds
  • give you our name and welcome you in a polite and courteous manner
  • take a message if the person you need to speak to is unavailable
  • return phone calls within two working days

 When you use social media

  • monitor social media and respond if action is required within one working day

 When you write to us

  • for general requests and enquiries, your correspondence will be responded to within ten working days
  • for complex matters, it will take time to investigate and get the right response to you. In these cases, we will acknowledge your correspondence and keep you informed and updated with progress and expected completion timeframe every 20 working days

 When you visit

  • attend to you within five minutes, or if we cannot we will acknowledge your arrival
  • show you amenities if meeting with one of our staff
  • explain if your appointment time is delayed

 When you use the website, email, or telephone for requests

  • provide you with a reference number/acknowledgement
  • refer your request to the relevant area within one working day
  • you are allowed to make anonymous complaints, but we reserve the not to investigate if the request doesn’t have enough information


We welcome your feedback to help us improve our service.