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Details on why we have updated our service operating status can be found in the Strategy to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus media release.

Services Status



Animal Shelter Appointment only
Area Maintenance and Town Centre Cleaning Continue
Bargo Waste Management Centre As normal
Building Certification Service Continue, focusing on critical site inspections. Sites will be required to be vacated before inspections.
Customer Service

Counter closed from 12pm 24 March 2020 until further notice.

Available by phone (including payments by phone) available from 8.30am to 5pm

Face to face meetings by appointment only.

Council Meetings Planned to continue at this stage, with increased social distancing measures enforced. Meetings are also live streamed.

Children's Services

Available for families that need the service. Advise to keep children home where possible.

Family Day Care: Available for families that need the service. Advise to keep children home where possible.

Vacation Care: Closed

Occasional Care: Closed

Compliance and Environmental Health Service Continue, based on urgent health, safety or environmental issues.
Council Sportsgrounds


Includes skate parks, playgrounds and outdoor gym equipment.

Council Halls Closed 
Community Nursery Closed
Cemetery Services Continue, by appointment only.
Dilly Wanderer Closed
Development Applications

Accepting mail applications until COB Friday 27 March 2020, then moving to online lodgement. Site inspections will be by appointment only.

Further information can be found on our Development Application Process page.

Events See our Events Updates page
Library Online services only
Library Mobile Van Closed
Road Maintenance and Drainage Maintenance Continue, as will capital works, road construction and repair works. High priority work and urgent safety issues will be completed first.
Tree Management Service Operate based on urgent safety, health or environmental issues, with sites to be vacated before inspection.
Waste Services  As normal
Warragamba Pool Closed
Wollondilly Leisure Centre Closed. See their website for further details.