Have You Been Affected by a Flood?

Find out what support is available to you or your business if you have been affected by a bush fire.



Council recognises that there are cases of genuine financial hardship that may cause ratepayers and other debtors to have difficulty paying their rates and charges or other sundry debts. The Local Government Act 1993 and the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 allows Council to provide a range of assistance to ratepayers experiencing genuine financial hardship. This policy aims to formally establish:

  • the circumstances in which Council may provide relief to ratepayers and sundry debtors experiencing genuine financial hardship,
  • the relief that may be provided to ratepayers and sundry debtors experiencing genuine financial hardship,
  • guidelines for Council staff to enable a consistent approach to hardship applications, and
  • will provide greater transparency with the application and assessment process.

For full details please download our Hardship Policy located on our Public Policies and Protocols page.


Rate Relief Application

If you are having difficulty making payment of your rate account, fill out our Rate Relief Application form.


Mayor's Relief Fund

The Mayor's Relief Fund becomes available to residents during times of crisis including bush fires and floods. If you were affected by the 2019/20 bush fires head to our Mayor's Relief Fund page to check if applications are still open.

If you would like to donate, head to our Donate to the Mayor's Relief Fund page.


Local Disaster Recovery Plan Toolkit

The Local Disaster Recovery Plan Toolkit contains a number of strategies and guidelines based on the NSW Government Local Recovery Toolkit with specific information relevant to that subject matter, and are designed to be read independently. Each guideline contains a statement to articulate its purpose, provides a context which expresses the set of circumstances or facts that surround a particular subject and strategies to assist in the communities recovery.