Activate Wollondilly

After the storm event in Picton during June 2016 Council set out to improve the preparedness of the community for future natural disasters.

Since receiving funding from the Office of Emergency Management in 2017, Wollondilly Shire Council and the Community Resilience Committee have implemented the Activate Wollondilly project and developed an Emergency Management Guide (where can we find the guide?) to assist residents in preparation for a natural disaster or emergency.

The Wollondilly Emergency Management Guide assists residents through key areas of preparedness, including where to source information and what to do in a crisis situation. Activate Wollondilly focuses on key priority areas to support disaster resilience, to communicate and educate people about risks and to lead change to reinforce resilience and the preparedness of the community. 



Investigation Report

Activate Wollondilly Discussion Paper

Activate Wollondilly PowerPoint 1

Activate Wollondilly PowerPoint 2

After Action Report