Storm & Tempest

How to prepare your home for a storm and what to do if a storm hits.


What to do When a Storm Hits

In the event of a storm the State Emergency Service (SES) recommends that residents take the following steps:

  • Switch off appliances and electricity supply at the mains (meter box) even when it has been reported that power has been cut off in your area.
  • Treat all power lines as live, stay at least 8 metres clear. Look out for wires low hanging or on the ground, dangling in water or tangled in trees.
  • Do not drive across fallen power lines.
  • If power lines have fallen across or become entangled in your vehicle, unless in immediate danger remain inside your vehicle and call/wait for help.
  • If in immediate danger (the wires are ‘crackling or moving), open your door and jump well clear. Keep your hands off the vehicle and your feet together, then continue jumping with your feet together until at least 10 metres clear.
  • When travelling by boat through water, keep a good distance from power lines and poles.
  • If your boat is wooden or fibreglass do not touch the water or metallic parts of the motor when near power lines or poles. During Heavy Rainfall
  • Listen to your local radio station for warnings and advice.
  • Make sure your neighbours are also aware and keep in touch in case they need your help.
  • Move garbage containers, chemicals and poisons beyond the reach of water.
  • Secure objects that might float away and cause damage.
  • Move livestock and equipment to high ground.
  • Stack your furniture and other possessions beyond the reach of water – place electrical goods on top of any piles.
  • Check our motor vehicle and keep it full of fuel.


Managing Trees

See our Tree Management pages to see how you can remove trees to keep your home protected during a storm.


Have You Been Hit by a Storm?

The SES is the lead agency for flood and storm emergencies. Over 10,000 SES volunteers respond throughout the state to flood and storm emergencies and assist other emergency agencies when needed. Contact SES for assistance involving private property, such as trees that may have come down on your roof or if you require assistance during floods.

If you require assistance due to flood, storm and tsunami emergencies, please phone NSW SES on 132 500.

For more information visit the SES website.