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Sustainable Wollondilly

Wollondilly Resilience Network (WReN), is a discussion group that meets monthly at the Wollondilly Community Nursery on the first Tuesday of the month at 6pm. The vision of the group is:

Wollondilly Community Nursery

The Wollondilly Community Nursery grows a variety of native plants, from grasses and groundcovers to shrubs, vines and shade trees.

Fire Management

Wollondilly Shire residents are reminded that the Bush Fire Danger Period commences on 1 October 2017 and will remain in force until 31 March 2018 or unless otherwise directed by the Rural Fire Service. Previous approvals issued by Council are suspended during the Bush Fire Danger Period.

Fire Management

Information relating to Fire Management in Wollondilly can be found here.

Community Litter Prevention Project

First Appin Scouts participated in the NSW EPA's Community Litter Video Series: Celebrating Best Practice Litter Prevention Projects. The project involved filming and showcasing their best practice project at Appin Scouts Hall, Bourke Street, Appin.

Urban Creeks in Wollondilly

Urban development has significant impacts on the health of our urban creeks. In the past, urban creeks have been used as means of stormwater disposal with no mitigation measures in place. This has led to degradation of our urban creeks, in particular Myrtle Creek, Redbank Creek and Stonequary Creek.

Land For Wildlife

What is land for wildlife?

Flying Foxes

The camp is located on Stonequarry Creek between the railway Viaduct, at the end of Webster St, and the Prince St. Bridge, Picton. The total camp area covers 2.1Ha however the extent of the camp varies seasonally and from year to year.

Wild Rabbit Management Program

Council views community concerns over the impacts of wild rabbit populations within the Wollondilly Local Government Area as highly important. Council was therefore pleased that its application to the National Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre (Invasive Animals CRC) to participate in the national release of a biological control for this...

Arya near Sues place release

Wollondilly Koala Conservation Project

Wollondilly Shire Council’s ‘Koala Conservation Project’ has grown over the last two years with recent surveys proving that there is a healthy colony of breeding koalas in the region. This population is continuous with the Campbelltown koalas linking through a habitat corridor that runs through Appin to Wilton and down...

Wild deer management

Share your deer stories, sightings and experiences by completing a short survey here.