Urban Creeks in Wollondilly


Urban development has significant impacts on the health of our urban creeks. In the past, urban creeks have been used as means of stormwater disposal with no mitigation measures in place. This has led to degradation of our urban creeks, in particular Myrtle Creek, Redbank Creek and Stonequary Creek.

In the recent years there has been a move from using urban creeks as an extension of the drainage system, to valuing and protecting them for overall improved catchment health. 

For over ten years, Wollondilly Council has been undertaking weed removal and revegetation works along Stonequarry Creek as part of the vegetation management for flood mitigation project. The results of this work show that approximately 75% of riparian areas along Stonequary Creek between Racecourse Creek and the viaduct are relatively weed free.

The Importance of Urban Creeks

Urban Creeks are an important component of the overall urban environment. Their functions include:

  • A link for biodiversity movement, both flora and fauna,
  • A part of an overall catchment,
  • Buffer between urban areas and downstream waterways,
  • Recreational value, and
  • Intrinsic value to the environment.

What you can do to improve your Urban Creek?

There are many things you can do around your home or business to minimise your impacts on your surrounding urban creeks. These include:

  • Ensuring only rainwater runs off your block, not other pollutants
  • Controlling weeds on your property and ensuring garden escapees do not get into your local creek
  • Minimising the use of chemicals/fertilisers around the home
  • Ensuring your onsite sewage management system is working properly and not leading to sewage runoff from your block
  • Installing a rainwater tank to reduce the amount of runoff from your block
  • Disposing of waste correctly and not dumping it illegally into urban creek areas
  • Reporting poor environmental practice by others to Council for further investigation

Urban Creek Rehabilitation Project

In 2006 Council received funding from the Federal Government's Community Water Grants Project and additional funding from the Hawkesbury Nepean Catchment Management Authority's Local Government Advisory Group to undertake the Urban Creek Rehabilitation Project. This project includes weed removal and revegetation along approximately two kilometres of urban creeks in Tahmoor and Thirlmere.


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