Wollondilly Koala Conservation Project


Wollondilly Council wants to find out how many koalas live in the Shire and how to best protect them into the future. As part of this, we are attempting to find out where they live, what they’re eating and what corridors they use to move about.

Recent surveys in the Appin-Wilton area discovered the presence of koalas in over 22% of the 58 sites surveyed. The results indicate that we have a healthy population of Koalas in the area.

The Wollondilly Koala hotline was launched over 18 months ago and we have had a great response from the community reporting sightings in a variety of locations including Appin, Bargo, Silverdale/Bents Basin, Thirlmere and Oakdale.

For more information on Koala Food Trees of the Wollondilly click here.

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