Broughton Pass - Wilton Road

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Broughton Pass is Open signage

Wilton Road at Broughton Pass is now open. It was closed due to the retaining wall failure that occurred during the storm event on 5 June 2016.

The retaining wall, located on the Wilton side of the bridge over the Cataract River, is approximately 6 metres high and was constructed in the late 1800’s of dry stacked sandstone blocks. The wall failed sometime on the afternoon of Sunday 5 June 2016, taking a section of road with it. Without the retaining wall the road is unsupported and therefore not safe for opening to traffic.

Council is treating this as a high priority matter and investigation works are completed and a tender for the design and reconstruction contract has been awarded and the works are under way.

We also engaged NSW Public Works to manage the reconstruction project. Council is seeking funding assistance through the Federal and State Government Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements to assist with the costs of repairs.

The road will was closed until 30 June 2017 – as the extent of the works are significant, however it is now open.

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 Broughton Pass Draft Schedule of Works

This schedule provides an indication of the likely timeframes for the re-opening of Broughton Pass and is subject to change as the project circumstances become clearer  or alter as the design and construction phases continue and required final agency approvals are obtained for the completed design.

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Initial Investigation

July to early August


Concept Design Development & Review

August to January


Preliminary Expression of Interest Process

mid-August to October


Design & Construct Tendering Process

October to end of November


Procurement decision & engaging a contractor



Detail Design Phase by Contractor

Early March


Engagement with Community
on Design & Works Program

Early March


 Construction Phase

Early March to July 2017


 Opening of Road

 By July 2017