Shared Cycleways

View from Warragamba Lookout

Wollondilly Shire Council has recently adopted a Shared Cycleway Plan for the whole Shire.  The Plan was the result of the effort made by the Alternate Transport Committee which consists of Community Representatives, Councillors and Council Officers.

The adopted plan will compliment the existing number of shared cycleways networked throughout the Shire. These have been designed to provide efficient cycle access to the more popular areas of the Shire.

The principles for developing shared cycleway routes include:

  • Connecting logical start and end points (e.g. schools to residential areas, towns to each other etc.).
  • Maximising/using off road routes wherever feasible.
  • On road routes along major connecting roads may be considered in rural areas to reduce construction costs and increase useability.
  • Target known future land release areas for off road routes.
  • Link tourist and other places of interest to encourage visitors and residents into recreational cycling.

Shared Cycleways are a clean, efficient and practical way of getting around Wollondilly Shire.


Council's Traffic Engineer on 4677 1100 or