Frequently Asked Questions

Find out all relevant information relating to animals and pets in Wollondilly.

Thank you for your ongoing donations of blankets and bedding for our Animal Shelter however we are currently unable to take further donations due to lack of storage.

Click here to see any animals currently found, and housed at our shelter

The Animal Shelter can be contacted by phone on (02) 4677 1100 on weekdays between 8am and 4.30pm or by contacting (02) 4677 0462 between 10am and 1pm weekends.

The Animal Shelter is open to the public on weekdays between 3pm and 4.30pm and between 10am and 1pm on Saturdays and Sundays.  The animal shelter is closed on Public Holidays.

Wollondilly's Animal Shelter is located on Wonga Road, Picton. Public entry to the Animal Shelter is now via the Animal Shelter Office located in the Resource Centre between the Animal Shelter and the Council Nursery.

The current fees are as follows:

If your dog or cat is microchipped, lifetime registered, never been impounded before and collected from our shelter within 24 hours by the registered owner, the release is free; otherwise the following fees apply:

  • Release of impounded Animal (after first 24 hours) - $70.50
  • Impounded Animal Daily Maintenance Fee - $35.50 per animal, per day
  • Microchipping if required - $67.00
  • Registration of Undesexed animal - $210.00
  • Registration of Desexed animal (proof required) - $58.00
  • Registration of Desexed animal with pension discount (proof required) - $25.00
  • Registration of animal from Recognised Breeder (proof required) - $58.00
  • Registration of Working Dog or Assistance Animal (proof required) – Free
  • Adoption of animal (already microchipped, desexed and lifetime registered) - $110.00
  • Adoption of Dogs - $307.00
  • Adoption of Female Cats - $230.00
  • Adoption of Male Cats - $190.00
  • Adoption of Stock – Price Varies – please Contact Council directly
  • Surrender of one animal - $100.00
  • Surrender with Council collection - $120.00
  • Surrender of additional animals - $55.00

Note:  These fees are indexed as at 1st July each year

Adoption prices include microchipping, desexing, registration, vaccination and heart worm testing.

If you are collecting your pet or adopting a new pet from the shelter, payment must be made by EFTPOS or Credit Card as no cash is accepted at the shelter.

Wollondilly Shire Council strongly promotes the importance of responsible pet ownership. 

Being a responsible pet owner includes:

  • Microchipping and Lifetime Registering your dog or cat
  • Desexing your animals
  • Having a collar and tag on your pet at all times
  • Caring for your animal
  • Providing opportunities for your animal to exercise
  • Providing basic training for your animal

Council offers assistance for the Community throughout the year to help you become a responsible pet owner. 

Responsible Pet Ownership Brochure

Responsible Cat Ownership Brochure

Council maintains a number of off-leash areas for pet owners to enjoy:

  • Picton - Picton Sportsground Fairleys Road, Picton.  The off-leash are is located on the eastern side of the sportsground;
  • Appin - Appin Park (Wonson Oval) at the corner of Appin Road and Market Street, Appin. The off-leash area is located in Eastern corner of the park;
  • Bargo - Bargo Sportsground entry through Radnor Road, Bargo. The off-leash area is located at the western side of the sportsground;
  • Tahmoor Thirlmere Way, at the DNA BMX and Skate Park. It is in front of the BMX Section of the park.
  • Thirlmere - Lin Gordon Reserve Oaks Road, Thirlmere. The off-leash area is located behind the public picnic area of the Reserve in the northern corner;
  • Warragamba - Warragamba Sportsground on the Corner Warradale Road and Farnsworth Avenue, Warragamba. The off-leash area is located in the back eastern corner of the sportsground.

Signage is in place at all locations. Bins within those areas accept dog waste and officers do regular random patrols of these areas.

From 1 October 2002 all dogs and cats over the age of 12 weeks must be microchipped and all dogs and cats over the age of six months must be lifetime registered under the Companion Animals Act 1998.  Significant penalties apply if you do not register your dog or cat.


If your animal goes missing, a microchip is the best way to try and ensure the safe return of your pet.  Animals that come into our shelter who are microchipped usually find themselves home safe very quickly.  A collar and tag is also a great way to ensure your pet’s safe return.

Council can microchip your pet at our animal shelter for a fee of $67.00.  Alternatively, vets and any other authorised microchip implanters can microchip your pet.

Companion Animal Permanent Identification Form

Lifetime Registration

Once your pet is microchipped, it identifies your dog by recording its breed, age, colour and owner details.  The second step is to register your pet by 6 months of age.  Registration is Statewide and once an animal has been registered at any Council in NSW, it will remain lifetime registered in all of NSW.

To arrange lifetime registration of your pet you can come into Council between 8am and 4.00pm on weekdays or visit the Animal Shelter on weekends between 10am and 1pm. 

You must complete the Lifetime Registration form and attach any proof required for reduced fees.


Updating Microchip Details

Up to date microchip details play the most important part in you being contacted if your pet is found straying.  If you re-home an animal, you must complete a Change of Ownership form, signed by you and the new animal owner.  This form must be submitted to Council.  It is the responsibility of the original animal owner to submit this form to ensure the animal will be put into the new owner’s name.  If this is not done, whoever is the owner listed on the microchip is the legally responsible owner of the animal.

If you are moving or have updated your contact details you must submit a Change of Address or Change of Details form and return it to Council.




If you have any further enquiries about microchipping or registration contact Council on (02) 4677 1100 or

We understand that circumstances can change and you may need to surrender your animal.  Animals can be surrendered to the shelter by the registered owner for a fee of $100.00.  Alternatively, we can arrange for Council collection of a surrendered animal for a fee of $120.00 for the first animal and $55.00 for each additional animal.  Surrenders can take place at the shelter during opening hours.

Wollondilly Shire Council have an excellent rehoming rate and will only euthanase your animal with your consent, or if officers determine the animal is unsafe or unfit to be rehomed.  Council requires you to complete a surrender form giving information that can assist in re-homing your animal.


Statement in the matter of Cat Seizure

Council investigates complaints regarding Companion Animal Behaviour. 

This includes complaints regarding straying animals, aggressive animals and dog attacks, and nuisance animals including barking dogs and noisy roosters.  To make a complaint or for advice regarding these types of matters contact Council directly on (02) 4677 1100.  A dog attack must be reported to Council and can be reported 24 hours a day to our after hours service by contacting (02) 4677 1100.

Council does not investigate animal welfare matters.  For all complaints of this nature we urge you to contact RSPCA on (02) 9770 7555 or the Animal Welfare League on (02) 8899 3333.

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