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Information relating to your rate account can be found here.

E-Rates Registration Form

If you would like to receive your rates notice electronically, please read the below Terms and Conditions and complete the registration form.

Application for a Change in Rating Category

The Local Government Act requires all rateable parcels of land to be categorised for rating purposes. There are four main rating categories:

Change of Postal Address

If your postal address has changed, please notify Council in writing through either letter, fax or e-mail to have your postal address details updated. Alternatively, please complete the below change of postal address form and send to Council.

Direct Debit Application

Payment of your rates can be made directly from your nominated bank account on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Payments can be deducted from either a savings or cheque account.

Pensioner Rebate

Eligible pensioners are able to apply for a rebate against their rate account. To be assessed for a pensioner concession, please submit the below application form to Council.

603 Certificate Application

To request a s603 certificate, please complete the below application form. If you have any questions, please contact Council's Rates Department on (02) 4677 1100 or council@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au.