Application for Permit to Exceed Sign Posted Load Limit

Issued under Division 4, NSW Roads Act 1993 and Road Transport (Mass, Loading and Access) Regulation 2005


While overloaded vehicles are not permitted on sign posted road load limited roads within the Shire, Council may grant permits to specific vehicles under special circumstances with a genuine need for such permit. On receipt of an application, due consideration will be given to the request. Allow for ten (10) business days for processing. No permits can be granted for sign posted bridge load limits. If approved, a fee of $75.50 will be charged for the preparation and issuing of permit. The validity of the permit is one year (maximum) from the date of issue.



Vehicle Details

NB. Trucks & trailers require separate permits. Provide a copy of the vehicle registration paper/s on application.

Applicant Details

Important Notes

  • Payment for the permit is NOT to be made at time of lodgement of this form.
  • You will be advised via letter or email if the application is approved.


Privacy Statement

Wollondilly Shire Council is collecting personal information from you on this form for the purpose of assisting the determination process of your application. This information will be stored in Council’s EDRMS and accessed by the processing officer. Failure to provide the information may lead to rejection or delays of your application. At any time you have the right to access, view or correct the personal information that you have provided. Please also note that the personal information (not financial details) supplied on this document may be the subject of a request to access information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 [GIPAA].