Waste Services


To assist our waste contractor to continue providing an effective service to the community, please ensure that you follow the below waste and recycling requirements:

  • Bins must be placed on the kerb the night before your bin service day. Collection times can vary due to changes in schedules.
  • Ensure the bin lids are fully closed to avoid litter spillages.
  • For health and safety reasons, nappies are to be placed into bags before disposing of in your garbage bin.
  • Check there are no obstacles which would limit access to your bins by the collection vehicle.
  • Ensure that cars are not parked in the turning areas of a cul-de-sac or road on a service day.

We appreciate your assistance during this time.

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A-Z of Waste Disposal

At Wollondilly Shire Council we recognise that understanding where to dispose of all types of rubbish can become a bit overwhelming. For a quick guide of where to dispose of all waste head to our A-Z of Waste Disposal for Households list.


Waste Booklet and Collection Calendar 

Our new 2020/21 waste booklet and collection calendars have been mailed out to residents from the end of June 2020. Please keep an eye on your letterbox! If your booklet doesn't arrive by mid-July 2020, please request a copy by filling in the Waste Calendar Request Form.


three red bins

Red, Yellow and Green Bins

Find out what waste can be disposed into your red, yellow and green bins.

Twice Yearly Clean Up

Twice Yearly Clean Up

Wollondilly Shire Council provides two scheduled household clean up collections each financial year to residential properties using our waste services. The collections are to assist with the removal of bulky household materials.

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Bargo Waste Management Centre

Bargo Waste Management Centre is open for all Wollondilly Shire Council residents to dispose of waste items such as tyres, car batteries and scrap metal.

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Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic waste includes items such as mobile phones, computers, hard drives and televisions.

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Return and Earn

Return and Earn is a great initiative implemented by the NSW Government in December 2017. The scheme offers a 10c refund for consumers depositing eligible drink containers at return points throughout NSW.

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Battery and Chemical Disposal

It's important to dispose of batteries and chemicals in the correct manner in order to avoid environmental harm. See below for disposal locations.

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Food Waste and Composting

Australian households dispose of thousands of dollars of food each year. Discover some sustainable ways of disposing of food waste.

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Asbestos Removal

Before renovating or doing maintenance work on your home, find out if it contains asbestos and know what to do to remove and dispose of it safely.

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How to Reduce Waste

There are many things you can do around the home, or at work, to minimise the amount of waste you generate and to recover valuable resources through initiatives such as composting and worm farming.

Bin Servicing

In-House Bin Services

As a part of the 2020/21 operational plan the budget continues to include funding for delivery of all of Council’s existing services through the use of anticipated revenues from fees and charges, rating income and ongoing grants.