Asbestos Removal

Before renovating or doing maintenance work on your home, find out if it contains asbestos and know what to do to remove and dispose of it safely. 

Asbestos is toxic and dangerous therefore if there is asbestos on your property, or you think there may be asbestos on your property you must get expert advice.


Safe Removal

There are strict guidelines about how asbestos should be wrapped, labelled and disposed of. For further information visit the EPA NSW website.

You can also download our Safe Asbestos Removal Fact Sheet for handling and contact details.

Image of asbestos removal quick steps


Commercial and Non-Residential Properties

In January 2018, the National Asbestos Awareness Campaign released the Asbestos Management Handbook for Commercial and Non-residential Properties to assist this sector to better manage asbestos in non-residential buildings and properties. For more information download the Asbestos Management Handbook.


Fact Sheets

Dealing With Asbestos - Part 1 General Information

Dealing With Asbestos - Part 2 Additional Information

Safe Asbestos Removal