EPA Licence Monitoring Results

Council has Environment Protection Licences for the following landfills:

  • Bargo Waste Management Centre EPA Licence Number 6061
  • Warragamba Waste Management Centre EPA Licence Number 6062 - Closed

These licences nominate quarterly and annual sampling at a number of sampling points.

Recent changes to the Protection of the Environment Operations Act has required Licensees to publish monitoring data that has been collected after the 31 March 2012 as a result of Licence conditions.

Monitoring data from sampling undertaken after the 31 March 2012 is available below in accordance with these changes.


Bargo and Warragamba Landfill November 2017 Test Results

EPA Licence Sampling Results - Bargo and Warragamba (Closed) Waste Management Centres

EPA Sampling Management Points Warragamba Waste Management Centre - Closed 

EPA Sampling Management Points Bargo Waste Management Centre 

Warragamba PIRMP

Bargo Waste Management Centre PIRMP 

EPA 130693 VENM generation certificate 

EPA Licence Number 6061 - 25.10.19


Council's Waste Management Officer on 4677 1100 or council@wollondilly.nsw.gov.au