Bargo Waste Management Centre

WSC Waste Management 5

There is free acceptance of scrap metal, paper, cardboard, car batteries, motor oil and co-mingled recyclables at Bargo Waste Management Centre.

NEWS FLASH: Electronic Waste (E Waste) is now FREE for residents to take to Bargo Waste Management Centre. Accepted E-Waste is listed here.

Waste generated from outside of the Wollondilly Shire boundaries cannot be lawfully transported to, or deposited, at these facilities. A maximum penalty exceeds $115,000 for individuals and $240,000 for corporations.


Anthony Road, Bargo


Bargo Waste Management Centre on 0419 490 599 or

Opening Hours

Open 7 Days

8.30am - 4.15pm
Please Note: Bargo Waste Management Centre is not open Christmas Day or Good Friday


Bargo Waste Management Centre Account Application Form

Bargo Waste Management Centre Fees and Charges 2017-2018

Pollution Response Incident Response Plan 2016 

Penrith Waste Management Centre 

Spring Farm Resource Recovery Park

EPA License Number 6061