Stormwater Pollution Control at Work

View from Warragamba Lookout

All the stormwater running off your site runs into the river. It is against the law to allow any material to run from your site and into the river. Here are some ways to help stop stormwater pollution at your workplace.

  • Ensure all vehicles are washed in an area where soapy water cannot get into the stormwater drain. This could be a grassed area or a wash bay. If you have a licence for your wash bay from Sydney Water, make sure you know what it allows you to do.
  • Never put oil, chemicals or dirty water down the toilet. It is illegal and could be very dangerous.
  • Never put chemicals or dirty water into stormwater drains on or near your site. The minimum fine for this activity is $750 for individuals, and $1500 for corporations, although deliberate acts like this are likely to attract a much higher fine.
  • Make sure all your rubbish is placed in the bin and the bin is kept covered at all times. Make sure the bins are not kept anywhere near stormwater drains.