Resourcing Strategy

To deliver the services and operations documented in the Delivery Program and Operational Plans and to meet statutory obligations; Council needs to have sufficient resources – time, money, equipment and people.

The Delivery Program and Operational Plans are not developed in isolation. Council has concurrently developed a Resourcing Strategy that tests long term community aspirations and goals against financial realities.

The Resourcing Strategy is the point where the Council assists the community by sorting out who is responsible for what, in terms of the issues identified in the Community Strategic Plan. Some issues will clearly be the responsibility of the Council, some will be the responsibility of other levels of government and some will reply on input from community groups and individuals.

The Resourcing Strategy consists of three components:

  • Long Term Financial Planning
  • Workforce Management Planning
  • Asset Management Planning


Read the Resourcing Strategy 2017/18 - 2020/21 

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