Community Forums

Community Forums provide the community with the opportunity to address Council on matters relating to the Council Meeting Agenda or any general matter. Council will consider community questions and statements when making decisions and analysing Council Meeting Agenda items.

Council encourages anyone interested in attending and/or addressing Council at the Community Forum to read the Community Forum guidelines prior to attending the Community Forum Meeting.

Council is trialling the live Webcast of Community Forums from 2 December 2019 onwards.

Community Forum Meeting Schedule

Community Forums take place on the second Tuesday of each month in Councils Gallery/Chambers of the Administration Building at 6:30pm unless affected by public holidays. See the Community Forum schedule for dates.

Register to speak at Community Forum

In order to address Council at a Community Forum you must register to speak prior to 12pm on the day of the Forum.

Where a meeting is to be webcast and you are registered to speak we will seek your consent to record and livestream your address to the meeting.  

FAQs and guidelines

Community Forum guidelines

How does a Community Forum work?

How do I present at the Community Forum?

Relevant links

Community Forum Meeting Documents