Development Control Plan

Development Control Plans (DCPs) provide planning standards and controls to guide new development in Wollondilly. They are relevant to applications for development, e.g. Development Applications and requests to remove trees.

The DCP support planning controls in the Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011.

Wollondilly Development Control Plan 2016

Wollondilly DCP 2016 was first approved by Council on 21 December 2015 and commenced on 20 January 2016.

Wollondilly Development Control Plan 2016 Full Version


The Wollondilly DCP is made up of 8 topic based volumes:

This volume covers general considerations which apply to all development.

It includes guidance on the following topics:

  • Process for where applications propose a variation to the DCP
  • Community engagement
  • Heritage (conservation areas, colonial & aboriginal heritage)
  • Flooding
  • Tree removal
  • Environmental protection (Natural Resources areas mapped in the LEP)
  • Landscaping
  • Signage


Volume 1 - General

Provides controls for development within Urban Release Areas. This volume has been prepared to meet the requirements of Clause 6.3 of the Wollondilly Local Environmental Plan 2011. Clause 6.3 requires specific controls for land in urban release areas.

 This volume includes specific controls for the following land:

  • Wilton Park, Wilton (Bingara Gorge)
  • Marsh Road, Silverdale
  • Picton, Tahmoor, Thirlmere New Urban Lands (PTT)
  • Land between Picton, Tahmoor, and Thirlmere (commonly known as PTTAG)
  • Clearview (664, 740 and 760 Thirlmere Way and 25 Star Street, Picton)


Volume 2 – Urban Release Areas



Provides controls for the subdivision of land.

 Also includes controls to direct the future development of new housing release areas:

  • Picton West
  • Thirlmere East
  • Thirlmere South
  • Tahmoor West
  • Tahmoor South
  • Tahmoor East
  • Avon Dam and Hawthorne Roads, Bargo
  • Land Between Picton, Tahmoor and Thirlmere (commonly known as PTTAG)
  • Montpellier Drive Residential Land (The Oaks)
  • Queen Victoria Memorial Home Planning Proposal Site
  • Bulli Appin Road, Appin
  • 55-65 Bronzewing Street, Tahmoor
  • Station Street, Menangle


Volume 3 – Subdivision of Land

Provides controls for residential accommodation and related structures e.g. new houses, dual occupancy, hostels and boarding houses, car ports, sheds.

 Also includes controls for specific locations:

  • Avon Dam and Hawthorne Roads, Bargo
  • Bingara Gorge Estate
  • Montpelier Drive Residential Land
  • Queen Victoria Memorial Home 
  • Bulli Appin Road, Appin
  • Station Street, Menangle


Volume 4 – Residential Development

Guidance for development of commercial, community and other related land development. In addition to controls for new commercial buildings and related uses there are specific controls for:

  • Amusement centres
  • Bulk goods premises
  • Child Care centres
  • Community facilities, Entertainment Facilities, Function centres, Places of Worship & Registered Clubs
  • Home-based child care
  • Landscape and garden supplies, Timber and building supplies, Wholesale supplies
  • Restricted premises
  • Service Stations
  • Sex service premises, Home occupations (sex services)
  • Educational establishments
  • Health services facilities
  • Funeral chapels and Funeral homes


Volume 5 – Commercial and Community Uses

Provides controls for the development and use of land for tourism related uses including visitor accommodation, events and markets.

Specific controls are provided for:

  • Hotel and Motel Accommodation
  • Bed and Breakfast Accommodation and Farm Stay Accommodation
  • Serviced Apartments
  • Temporary Markets
  • Events


Volume 6 – Tourism and Events

This volume covers the development and use of land for industrial, transport and infrastructure related land uses.

In addition to general controls for all development there are controls for the following specific land uses:

  • Rural industry and Deports
  • Self storage units
  • Warehouse or Distributions centres
  • Vehicle body repair workshops and Vehicle Repair Stations
  • Freight transport facilities and Passenger Transport facilities
  • Waste or Resource Management facilities
  • Telecommunications facility


Volume 7 – Industry and Infrastructure

This volume covers the development and use of land for primary agricultural or rural uses and related uses.

It includes specific controls for the following land uses:

  • Animal boarding or training establishments
  • Aquaculture
  • Intensive livestock agriculture
  • Farm Buildings
  • Dams


Volume 8 – Primary Agricultural and Rural Uses