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Building - Renovations - Subdivision

Are you looking to build, renovate or subdivide? Depending on what you are looking to do and the size/scale of the development you may be able to carry out the building/renovating/subdivision without Council approval.

Engineering Design and Construction Specifications

Engineering Design Specification and Engineering Construction Specification for use with subdivision and other developments are available for download below:

Development Contributions

Developers pay a contribution to the Council towards the extra load their developments place on the infrastructure of the Shire. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the Act) gives Council the power to collect these contributions.


Council has created an interactive online mapping system for the public to access information about our local area.


Heritage consists of those things we want to keep that give us a sense of the past and of our cultural identity. It is the things we want to protect and pass on to future generations so that they too will understand what came before them (NSW Heritage Office, 1999).

Land Rezoning Applications Information (Planning Proposals)

Land rezoning is a formal process that amends the planning controls relating to a parcel(s) of land. Rezoning land can result in an increase or decrease to the range of permissible uses on the subject land or change the development controls that are applicable.

Planning Rules and Information

Development in Wollondilly is guided by a number of legal and guideline documents. The following information is provided to assist in the preparation of your Development Application. If you need to know the zoning of your land or if it is constrained by bushfire, mine subsidence, flooding and/or threatened species...

Local Planning Panel

From March 2018, the NSW Government introduced legislation requiring most Council's to establish Local Planning Panels. A Local Planning Panel, also known as an Independent Hearing and Assessment Panel (IHAP), is a panel of three independent expert members and a community member who undertake the following functions: